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Encouraging yoga, encouraging life.

I'm a mom of two wonderful sons who loves helping birthing persons and parents-to-be.  Whether it's at the studio, in the hospital or in your home, you can count on me to be by your side!  It brings me joy to educate, to listen and to be of service.

What drives my passion? Seeing that spark when someone ignites. There is a sparkle in their eyes; a click; a switch… they have been turned ON. They will go and STOMP. Conquer. Grow. Learn. Love vulnerably. Allow love in. Become.


This energy share then ignites me, revitalizes me, excites me and makes me move. I am driven by the hope of more authenticity and more love in our universal consciousness.

It is my belief that we can best serve others when we first serve and take care of ourselves.  Take that first step towards self care today and give me a call!

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