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  • Kerry Spradley

A little beach clean up, a little material collection, a little meditation

My Mom always told me about the power of female friendships, but I never really got it. I much preferred to run with the boys and my brothers rather than try to keep up with whatever was 'it' in the girl realm.

Slowly, over the past decade or so, I've begun to understand what she meant. Not all women are what I've perceived them to be (and really, people in general).

In finding my tribe, I've unlocked parts of myself I didn't know existed. My new friends excite me, keep me sharp & striving. My old friends keep me grounded, safe & cared for. Sisters all, though none blood related.

Thank you Moms.

Thank you Cousins.

Thank you Aunties & Grandmas.

Thank you New Friends.

Thank you Old.

May you find your tribe and feel the love & support of their circle.

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